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Fireworks review

It was... awesome! And FREE! Who can argue with FREE, and in your own backyard?

My haiku review:

Like a music box,
magnified a thousand times:
The carillion.

And here's the rest of my review:

Parking was a mess, as expected. I finally found a spot, and walked down, catching the last three floats of the parade. It was maybe 30-45 minutes till the fireworks, which started at 7:30PM. I wasn't about to pay $3 for a single hot dog, but the Hot Chocolate stands were making a killing anyway! Unfortunately, it was a Sunday. Most stores and restaurants are closed early (WHY, when there's a HUGE event, I don't quite understand), so this meant that open restaurants were VERY crowded! Ever see the Burger King with a 45 minute wait before they can even take your order? Literally, a line outside the door, and around the corner of the building? Yeah, if you live in Naperville, you probably have seen that, every other event, or a few years ago, every Chicago Fire soccer game...

I was not alone in deciding to get munchies at the Walgreens. Heck, I even grabbed the second to last deli sandwich, and it wasn't too bad either! From there, I walked down to about Naperville Central High School.

The carillion was... spectacular! They had spotlights all over the place, which I'd seen from my house. On the carillion, they had a lighted wreath, a giant NYC drop ball (or at least it looked like it), and a giant flashing 2006. All over Sled Hill and the nearby condos were lighted Santa & Reindeer & Elves. The police kept everyone away from the side of the street of Sled Hill, and everyone sat on the curb across the street.

A couple minutes after 7:30PM, the carillion bells could barely be heard, but a family and I faintly made out strains from the Nutcracker Suite. A bit later, they played Happy Birthday to Naperville. As soon as it ended, the fireworks began!

It is amazing to be so close to the fireworks, and seeing the carillion lit up by the glow. If you looked straight up, the fireworks were all over the place. The echo could be heard in the distance several moments later, probably intensified by the river.

The grand finale was amazing, and finished with two single bursts going off. The carillion concert started at that moment, playing familiar classical tunes for about an hour and a half. I recognized The Blue Danube, more from Nutcracker Suite, and a couple of Bach and Handel tunes. It's like a music box, magnified a thousand times. I even saw a few couples by the Riverwalk Cafe start to waltz and laugh. People tried to take pictures, videos, and make sound recordings with their cell phones, but I doubt they got anything.

It was one of those things where you just had to be there.

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